Rental Rates

Skid-Steer Loaders

S450No Cab$150.00$600.00$1800.00
S530No Cab$185.00$740.00$2200.00
S550No Cab$200.00$800.00$2400.00
S590Cab AC/Heat$225.00$900.00$2700.00
S650Cab AC/Heat$250.00$1000.00$3000.00
Compact Track LoadersDailyWeeklyMonthly
700 Series$325.00$1300.00$3900.00
V519 VersaHANDLER$400.00$1600.00$4800.00
Compact ExcavatorsDailyWeeklyMonthly
E35No Cab$250.00$1000.00$3000.00
E35Cab AC/Heat$300.00$1200.00$3600.00

Note: The pricing listed does not include taxes or delivery charges. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Angle Blade$175.00$700.00$2100.00
Angle Broom$150.00$600.00$1800.00
Auger - Dirt Only6"-12"$25.00$100.00$300.00
Auger Extension24"-48"$25.00$100.00$300.00
Bale Spear$75.00$300.00$900.00
Breaker - Hyd.$200.00$800.00$2400.00
Brush Cutter$200.00$600.00$1350.00
Bucket - Rock$100.00$400.00$1200.00
Bucket - Tooth$50.00$200.00$600.00
Excavator Blade$75.00$300.00$900.00
Grapple - Industrial$150.00$600.00$1800.00
Grapple - Root$200.00$800.00$2400.00
Jumping Jack - BR72$100.00$400.00$1200.00
Landscape Rake$75.00$300.00$900.00
Pallet Forks$25.00$100.00$300.00
Pallet Forks - HD$50.00$200.00$600.00
Plate Compactor - BC19$80.00$320.00$960.00
Posthole Digger - 15C$50.00$200.00$600.00
Skid-Steer Post Pounder$250.00$1000.00$3000.00
Snow Pusher - 8'$175.00$700.00$2100.00
Trailer Only$200.00$800.00$2400.00
Trailer w/ Rental$50.00$200.00$600.00
Trencher - Big$200.00$800.00$2400.00
Trencher - Little$175.00$700.00$2100.00
Utility Fork w/ Grapple$200.00$800.00$2400.00

Note: The pricing listed does not include taxes or delivery charges. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Rental Terms and Conditions

Minimum Rental Period: One Day

Charge Cycles: 8-Hour Day/40-Hour Week/160-Hour Month

Day: 24-hour period Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Weekend rates apply.

Weekends and Holidays: Rentals for weekends and holidays will be charged one full day rate then an additional $50 for each day the dealership is closed.

Month: Any 28 consecutive days.

Terms: Open accounts only or credit card (pre-approved), or pre-paid.

Damage/Excessive Wear and Tear: Any physical damage to rented equipment not deemed normal wear and tear will be billed to the lessee. Optional Damage Waiver of 10% of rental bill is available. An excessive cleaning charge of $100 may be applied at the discretion of rental coordinator.

Delivery: Pickup and delivery service is available.

ID: Valid driver's license and valid vehicle registration required.

Oil Levels: Maintenance of proper oil levels is the sole responsibility of the lessee.

Fuel Charge: $4/gallon

Tires: Lessee will be responsible for all damage and flats.

Security: Lessee is responsible for all rented equipment as soon as it leaves our property until it is returned and the lessee has a return receipt in his/her possession. Your phone call to our office to have rented equipment picked up does not terminate your responsibility to maintain the security of the equipment.

Insurance Coverage: A certificate of insurance is required from all lessees, naming Lessee as Loss Payee, and naming Sandberg Implement as Additional Insured in regard to the General Liability Policy. Lessee will be billed for the full replacement cost of the rental equipment if severely damaged or stolen.